‘Avion’ star of ‘Aventura’ dies after crash with truck

The star of the HBO drama “Avion” has died after a crash with a tractor-trailer.

Mika Brzezinski died Tuesday in a private plane crash at Los Angeles International Airport, according to a statement from her representative.

She was 40.

Her family, the company that owns the series, said in a statement that the actor was on a business trip to Los Angeles.

Brzezinski’s agent, Michael J. Cohen, did not immediately return a call for comment.

She had been starring in the HBO series “Avions” for five seasons.

In the pilot, Brzezinksi plays the wife of an Israeli soldier, whose husband is captured by the Islamic State.

Brzezycki had appeared in several TV shows, including the “Arrow” series and “The Mentalist,” but was not the lead character.

She also was part of the series’ second season, which aired on NBC and was canceled.

Brzeszinski is survived by her husband, actor Ben Kingsley, a former “Breaking Bad” and “True Detective” actor, and her daughter, Katerina, who starred in the “True Life” movies.