When the Olympics start: How to watch the Games

The Games are just days away, but it will still take more than just a few days to watch them.

Here are some of the most important things you need to know about watching them in person.1.

The Olympic Stadium is going to be huge2.

The stadium is going on the Olympic Stadium site and not the Olympic Park site3.

The games will be held at the Olympic stadium and not in the Olympic Arena4.

You can’t watch the Olympics online5.

You’ll need a big TV6.

You have to watch it in one of the four screens, which is on either the left or right side of the stadium7.

There’s no mobile service8.

The Olympics will take place at the venues, not at the stadium9.

There are no indoor sports venues10.

The Games will be played in the city of Sochi, which will have more than 100 million residents11.

The IOC has decided to make the Games in the capital city, which means that there’s going to have to be some sort of city centre venue for the games12.

It will be the home of the Sochi Winter Olympics14.

There will be at least two official Olympic venues15.

There is going, like, 20,000 athletes competing in the Olympics16.

You will be able to watch some of them on the big screens17.

There should be a free-flowing Olympic Canal18.

You’re not going to need a ticket to the games19.

There’ll be some fireworks to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games20.

There may be a firework show in Sochi, but the fireworks will be controlled by the IOC21.

There could be a parade, but only the winners will get to participate22.

There won’t be fireworks at all23.

There have been some reports that the games will take more time to play than expected24.

There was a big delay in the opening ceremony for the first Olympics, which could mean that you won’t see fireworks until late next year25.

There were some issues with the live-streaming of the opening ceremonies26.

There might be some delays in the starting of the Games27.

The opening ceremony will be streamed on YouTube and social media28.

There wasn’t enough space for the opening parade, which you can still watch on Facebook29.

There isn’t a big celebration after the games30.

There weren’t enough people to watch every single game on the opening day of the Olympics31.

There aren’t many venues around the world for the Games, which might mean that the Games won’t start as quickly as they were expecting32.

There haven’t been many live streams for the Olympics, but there’s still some live streaming available on YouTube33.

There hasn’t been a lot of information about how many athletes will be competing in every single Games venue, so it’s possible that the Olympics could be played out on the streets of some of these cities34.

There has been some discussion about how the Olympics might be staged, and how the games might be broadcast in different countries35.

There’re some countries in the world that have decided to host the Games36.

You might have to make do with one of those locations37.

There had to be an agreement between the IOC and the countries hosting the Olympics that it’s okay to host them in other countries, but that it would have to start the Games at a particular place38.

The hosts have been able to keep their own names as they do for the Opening Ceremonies, but they will have to change their names for the Olympic opening ceremony39.

You don’t need to have a ticket in Sochi to watch games40.

You won’t need a hotel room to watch a Games event41.

The stadiums are all connected to one another42.

There really aren’t any big stadiums for the most part, and it’s not going be like the old days when people would go to see games on their own.43.

You probably won’t want to go into the venues on your own44.

There doesn’t seem to be any special seating in the venues45.

There seems to be a bit of a lack of variety for the venues46.

The main venues are going to cost a lot more than they used to47.

There probably aren’t a lot that you can get away with having more than one person in each stadium48.

There certainly aren’t too many sports venues49.

You may not be able have a bar in the stadium50.

You shouldn’t be able just to walk up and down the halls and talk to people51.

You need to be in the right spot for the start of each game52.

You should be able get in line to buy tickets for the main event53.

The venue will probably be open to people for the official opening ceremony, but you may not get a chance to see the games if you are there for the pre-opening ceremonies54.

You aren’t going to get to see many of the official athletes50.

There definitely aren’t