How to spot the truth about Trump’s fake Twitter account

Politico is reporting that it was the Russian government that was behind the hack of Trump’s Twitter account.

According to the article, the Russian hacking group known as Fancy Bear used a tool that had been developed by a hacker group called APT28 to infiltrate the account.

“In April, APT-28 also released a tool to monitor social media activity, including accounts that were used by Trump, his supporters and the media,” Politico reports.

“This tool also showed that Fancy Bear had targeted Twitter accounts belonging to Trump and his campaign.

The hack is a sign of a broader campaign by Russian intelligence to influence U.S. politics, including through the Twitter platform.”

Politico notes that the hack was discovered when the accounts were still open and there was nothing to stop them from being used by other users.

The article further explains that the Russian hackers used this tool to find and report on the accounts, which were used to attack the U.K. government.

“It’s possible that the Kremlin also used the tool to identify Trump supporters, perhaps with the help of the Russian intelligence services,” the article continues.

“Whatever the case, the hack appears to have been a deliberate attempt to discredit the Republican candidate.

This has not gone unnoticed by his opponents and critics, who have used it to paint the Trump campaign as a Kremlin plot to influence the U,S.


What’s more, this hack was carried out by Fancy Bear’s own members, which means it wasn’t carried out with the assistance of a state actor.

It was done with the knowledge of the American people.

That’s a huge red flag, and it’s one that the American intelligence community should be paying attention to.