How to make fun of your parents for being lazy

What do you do when you can’t get your parents to do anything for you?

You get creative, right?

Well, if you’re a mom, you might want to start thinking about the worst things you’ve seen them do.

Here are some of the worst moments you’ve witnessed in your child’s life, and some of your best ways to make them laugh.


Mom’s inability to get her daughter out of the house When your child has to get dressed or go to school, you know you’ve got to be able to take care of her.

You know she’s not going to get lost in the grocery store or drive her parents crazy.

So you know what?

Mom’s a genius.


Dad’s inability and inability to keep a conversation going when he’s angry Dad is always getting angry, and it’s always hard to get things to stop.

When it’s the perfect time for your mom to talk, you can use your hands or a big board to make your point.


Mom getting all worked up when her husband isn’t around When your son is in the bathroom, he has to pee.

Mom has to do it for her, and she can’t handle it.

She doesn’t want him to be upset, so she gets all worked out when he doesn’t come home.


Mom saying no to your child when he wants to go out with friends Mom won’t let you go out unless you give her permission.

If you want to have a good time, you have to do your part and be polite.


Mom being overly protective of her son when he falls asleep on the couch When your daughter is on her computer, she’s a computer geek.

She’s always checking her email, playing games and looking for information.

She loves reading books, but sometimes she gets upset and says no to the occasional invitation.

Mom is the one who has to protect him from being too absorbed in something.


Mom yelling at her son after he spills milk at her When your kid is having a tantrum, you’ll be in a bit of a dilemma.

She says she’ll be back, and you’ll have to be patient with her.

But then she yells at you, saying you’re just doing it to get away from her.

It’s not like you can turn your back on your mom and say, “Hey, she doesn’t have to yell at me, I don’t get upset.”


Mom and dad going to the grocery together when they’re shopping for clothes They’re always going to go to the store together, and they always seem to have their things there.

So it’s not always easy to get to know each other.


Mom giving your son a blowjob when he asks for one Mom can be quite a tease, especially if she’s always telling him what to wear, but that’s ok.

She’ll be so grateful when he finally does get a blow job and is happy.


Mom not telling you how to dress when he is upset If you get really upset about something in the house, Mom can’t make it right.

She can’t fix the clothes you’re wearing or tell you how much milk you should be drinking.

But she will let you know.


Mom having a bad day when she thinks her husband is going to leave her When she’s home alone with your kids, she can be really mean and rude.

And when you say no to her, she gets really angry.


Mom putting her own face on the fridge when your kids are eating When your kids aren’t hungry, Mom will go to her room and put her own picture of herself on the refrigerator.

It might be cute, but it makes you feel like she’s looking at you in the eye.


Mom calling your son “cute” and asking if he is cute When your husband goes shopping for his favorite toy, Mom asks him if he’s cute.

He responds that he’s a cute little boy.

She then gets really frustrated and starts telling him that he should stop buying things because she is not cute.


Mom asking you to help her with something When you are going to be home alone, it’s nice to have someone else to help you.

But when your son and daughter are home alone in the kitchen, Mom needs to know how to do something for you.

When you’re going to ask them to help with something, you should say something like, “Mom, can you help me with this?”

Mom will then be very excited and go to work.


Mom talking to your kids on the phone when you are away From the TV or the computer, Mom’s the one that is in charge of everything.

When she needs to talk to your son, you’re the one in charge.


Mom throwing food at your son’s face when you’re home alone When you’ve gone to dinner, you’ve had a good meal and Mom is cooking some for your family. Mom