How to save on airline ticket prices

Travellers who want to book a plane ticket can now do so online, with low-cost flights now available for hire.

Avion, the Australian travel agency that manages travel across the continent, announced that a new booking option called “Interrail” would make it easy for people to book direct from Sydney to Melbourne for an extra $25 per journey.

“This is a huge opportunity for travellers to save a significant amount of money on flights,” Avion managing director of travel and events, Mark Kravetz, told the ABC.

“We are also offering discounted tickets from Melbourne to Sydney for an additional $25 to $30.”

“So if you want to travel from Sydney with us, you’ll be able to book the same flights as you would with a standard international flight for the same price as you’re paying on the domestic flight.”

It’s a huge deal for travellers who rely on the travel industry to book tickets and make payments.

“If you are travelling from Australia to New York or London, you’d pay more than $300 for the domestic ticket,” Mr Kravets said.

“And that is an incredibly high price.”

Avion’s website lists flights from Sydney and Melbourne as options.

It states that the service is available from 1 July.

“The best part of Interrail is that it allows you to book for a price lower than the standard domestic flight and to pay less for the flight,” Mr Poulton said.”[Avion] has made the booking process incredibly simple and efficient for all travellers, including those who are already familiar with booking online.”

Avions website says a booking process has been simplified by using the Interrail booking tool.

“Avion is the first Australian company to provide a booking service that will allow you to find cheap flights from the Sydney CBD to Melbourne, while providing the flexibility to book flights anywhere in Australia and to get back home when the flight arrives,” the website states.

Mr Poulson said the airline would continue to offer a variety of discounted flight deals from Sydney, including the first direct flight from Sydney back to Melbourne.

“It’s very exciting for all Australians to be able travel for free on our flights from Australia and we look forward to continuing to offer this service as well,” he said.