Israeli army’s latest armored personnel carrier: Armored personnel carrier will be sent to Israel

A new armored personnel carriers (APCs) will be deployed to Israel by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), a senior IDF official said on Monday, after a report by the Israeli daily Maariv indicated that the new vehicles would be armed with automatic weapons.

The IDF said it had “finally decided” to equip its armored personnel brigades with the new APCs, according to a statement to Israel’s Army Radio.

The statement did not say how many would be deployed.

The IDF has been conducting a major modernization effort, the statement said, adding that this will “help the IDF’s future military operations and increase its capabilities to combat terrorism.”

The statement also said the new tanks would be equipped with a “tactical radio-controlled turret, the capability to fire and engage targets remotely.”

Earlier this month, the IDF said that it would start construction on a new, larger armored personnel base for its soldiers, known as the “Green Line.”

It is located near the northern Israeli town of Sderot.