Interrail to open in London on Friday, but trains running through to other cities won’t be in service

London, the UK capital, is set to open a high-speed rail service between its main airport and the capital’s other major international airport, Interrail, on Friday.

Interrail’s first route will run between Heathrow and Stratford, north of the capital.

The service will be powered by an innovative diesel-electric hybrid system, which will operate at speeds of up to 150mph (240km/h) and will operate for 12 months.

A train will also run through to Edinburgh, while a train will be able to travel from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

There are also plans for a high speed train between London and Leeds, which would be powered entirely by electric power.

Intertrain will also offer services to Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester. 

Interrail is expected to be completed in 2020, and the first service will take place between London, where it will run on the new High Speed 2 route, and Edinburgh, where Interrail will begin service. 

The route will be the first high-frequency high-capacity rail service to run between London airports. 

Currently, only one of the two airports served by the two lines, Gatford, is equipped with high-pressure diesel-fueled trains, meaning the trip between the airports will take an average of nine hours and 40 minutes. 

According to the BBC, “The High Speed train is the biggest, most expensive and most complex new project in the UK for more than a century.

It will cost £1.5bn ($2.7bn) to build, and it will take six years to run. 

A new interrail service will also be introduced to the UK from Glasgow, where the trains will operate on the National Rail network. 

It will be operated by a consortium of British and European firms, including French firm Alstom, German firm Siemens and Dutch company Arup.” 

As part of the £1bn deal, the government will finance the new trains with the National Investment Bank, which has the power to provide up to 25 per cent of the costs of any new high-density rail service.