What is the Interrail project?

In the early days of the InterRail project, the idea was to run trains between Melbourne and Adelaide, but as the project progressed, the trains were being stretched far beyond those boundaries.

In the mid-1990s, the rail corridor was finally re-opened for passengers and freight, but the original plans had been changed again to use rail between Melbourne to Adelaide instead of Melbourne and Sydney.

Now, the new plans will use trains between Sydney to Adelaide, a change that will take place in 2018.

The project was originally called the Intermodal Corridor.

It was eventually renamed the Interchange project, and will see trains from Melbourne to Sydney and from Sydney to Brisbane, and between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, all in one journey.

The trains will be connected via new rail lines that will connect to the existing Intermodals between Brisbane and Adelaide and the Melbourne-Sydney route.

The new line will run from the Adelaide Airport to the Brisbane Airport, with connections to the new Intermodels between Sydney and Brisbane.

The rail line will also connect to a new rail line, the South-East Regional Rail Link.

The South-West Rail Link will run along the northern edge of the city, connecting the Northern Territory and South Australia, and the Eastern and Western Suburbs, respectively.

The Melbourne-Wollongong Interchange will connect the existing Melbourne-Cape Town Intermodality and the existing South-Western Intermodalities, and is also planned to link to the Southern and Western Intermodisms.

The South-Eastern Regional Rail Line will connect Melbourne and the Western Cape to the Sydney-Swansea-Darwin Intermodation.

The Brisbane-Darlington Interchange and the Perth-Swinford Interchange are also planned, but will not be built yet.

Some of the rail line connections have been delayed due to environmental issues.

In 2020, the InterMEC was awarded a $50 million contract to build a rail line from Melbourne and Darwin to Perth.

The construction work is expected to begin in 2021, and be completed by 2023.

The next stage of the project will see a railway linking Melbourne to Port Hedland and Port Douglas, and connecting the rest of the region.

The InterMec has been awarded another $100 million contract, to build another railway line from Perth to Port Pirie, and connect the rest and the northern beaches of Tasmania.

The remaining rail line is to link Port Piria to the mainland.

The Australian Rail Transport Commission (ARTC) has released a statement that says the project is expected “to deliver a network that will reduce regional rail journey times by more than two hours and deliver significant benefits to the regional economy”.

The project will be completed within 15 years.