Which of these 3 new apps will be the most popular?

Today’s top news story on Hacker News:   A new iOS app called Fertas is a new way to get directions from Google Maps.

Fertas makes it easy to find local businesses with directions from its search bar, and the app also makes it easier to find nearby restaurants with nearby restaurants suggestions.

It’s free, but it’s worth noting that Google Maps is a free app and it’s not yet a fully featured app.

 As with Google Maps, Fertos’ directions feature is a little clunky and not as accurate as Google’s, but you can always just open Ferta in the Maps app and you should be able to get the full experience.

The company also has a similar app called Fertadio.

It lets you make phone calls and texts without the hassle of opening an app. 

Ferta is available on the App Store for $2.99.

Fetadio is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Check out the top news stories of the day below:Top News Stories of the Day:A New Way to Get Directions From Google Maps  Top News Story of the Week:  Google is taking a big step in the direction of bringing Google Maps offline, which means the company is bringing offline maps to the web.

It seems like Google is looking to bring offline maps into the fold as a way to bring more people back to Google Maps for offline searches, and it will be up to the company to decide what the future of Google Maps will be.

If you want to see what Google is up to, you can check out this YouTube video, which talks about Google Maps being offline for some time. 

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Smartphones and Tablets:The Android operating system is the dominant mobile platform today, with more than 10 billion Android users and over 60 million devices, according to Google.

Google also has its own apps for mobile devices.

There are a lot of popular Android apps that are optimized for smart devices.

For example, Google Now is a Google-owned app that uses Google voice-recognition technology. 

The top 10 best Android apps for smart phones and tablets are:  Finder (iOS) (Finder lets you keep track of where you are, but not where you’re going) Google Maps (Android) Fetas (Free) Aerio (Windows) Flipboard (Mac) Buddy (PC) Crowdflower (OS X) Calculator (Linux) Droid Launcher (mac) Lockscreen (windows) Plasma (desktop) Slide (OS X and Linux) Tinder  (Android)Top 10 Worst Android Apps For Smartphones And Tablets, Ranked by Usage: Top 11 Worst Android apps, Ranked By Usage: