Van Dijk: I want to be in the Van Dijke’s group

INTERRACING: Van Dijnks ‘super-club’ is on the verge of breaking through the big leagues article Van Dija has revealed he wants to be part of the Interrail group and is hoping to secure a move away from Ajax.

The Dutchman made his name with Ajax, who he spent two years at, before joining AC Milan last summer.

Inter are one of a handful of European clubs interested in signing the 22-year-old, who scored seven goals in 33 appearances in Serie A this season.

Van Djeks current contract expires in 2019, so if Inter were to match his £30m buy-out clause he would leave for nothing.

Van der Hoorn: I will never forget the moment when I was a teenager, and I saw Van der Wahlberg as a dream.

Van Der Wahlov is still a boy who plays soccer, but is an accomplished midfielder.

His father was a pro footballer and his uncle was a professional footballer.

His uncle’s name was Van der Wagels, and he played for Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

He scored seven times for Ajax during his three-and-a-half years at the club.

Van Wahl was born in Amsterdam and moved to Groningen as a toddler, where he played soccer for the local team.

He later joined Dutch club Feyenoord, where his best years were spent.

The young Van Wagels was named Ajax’s player of the year in 2013.

Van Niekerk: I am very happy and proud of the Ajax academy, where we have nurtured talented players for the last 15 years.

At Ajax, Van Nieskerk was the first Dutchman to play for a first-team team.

When I was playing for Ajax at the age of 15, Van de Knippel, the coach of the team, told me, ‘It’s not just about playing for your club.

It’s about becoming an Amsterdam player.’

I had already played for Holland before, so I was very happy.

When you are a youngster, it’s a dream to play at Ajax.

Van Neumann: We are very excited, we have a very strong team, we can make history and achieve something great.

The club is very well-established, the fans are fantastic and we are looking forward to what is coming next.

Van den Berg: We will never say we are favourites, but we are always looking for great players, so we hope that the next years we can bring in some very good ones.

Van Lierp: I have a great respect for Van Djek, for his ability, for the Ajax Academy and for Van den Berg, who is a great coach.

I think Van den Bergl is very talented, but I think he is also very young.

Van Vriesen: I would say that I am a little bit more like Van Djoek.

I don’t have a lot of goals, but what I have is a lot.

I am happy to play and I am looking forward for what is to come next.