What you need to know about Humor Grafico: An

by Katie Gannon (Huffington Post) title This is a great article for any Humor lover article By Katie Gannan, Contributor, HuffPo, April 3, 2018HuffPo, in conjunction with the American Civil Liberties Union of California, has filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles-based online humor blog, HumorGrafico, accusing the site of posting a graphic and disturbing image of a woman in a bathing suit on its site, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday.

The lawsuit, filed by the ACLU on behalf of four women and a woman who has spoken out publicly about being harassed and abused by the site, accuses the website of “grossly and repeatedly” violating a California state law, which prohibits sexual exploitation of minors.

The website, which is run by the Los Gatos-based blogger’s father, also hosts a video of him in his underwear.

“HumorGraffico’s conduct is particularly reprehensible and is clearly in violation of a host of state and federal laws,” the lawsuit said.

“The plaintiff is a woman with severe physical and mental health conditions who was subject to repeated, and sometimes intense, physical and emotional abuse by a group of people that included a person who was not her father, a person whose primary purpose for posting the graphic image of her bathing suit was to send her a ‘tip,'” the lawsuit continued.

“A tip is a reward for the person who posts something to the site.”

The lawsuit claims the posting violated California’s Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse Act and other laws.

It also says the site is “likely to encourage” people to post child pornography.

“This lawsuit is a direct response to a recent report in the Los Angles Times that identified the site as a hub for child sexual exploitation and the criminal use of children,” the suit stated.

“This case is the first lawsuit brought against the site by the civil rights organization and we intend to vigorously defend the First Amendment rights of the plaintiff, who has been a vocal critic of the site’s conduct and has been threatened with physical harm for her opposition.”

The website has not responded to requests for comment.

The Los Angeles Daily News said in a story on Friday that it had learned that the lawsuit had been filed in the county Superior Court of Los Angeles, but it was unclear whether the lawsuit was connected to the report.

The complaint accuses HumorGrifo of “intentionally and recklessly” violating the law by posting the photo and “violating a prohibition on sexual exploitation in California law.”

It also says HumorGrafico posted a photo of the alleged victim that was altered to include a phrase that was the subject of a public investigation, and the image contained a message that said: “This is a warning to anyone who is thinking of harming a child that they will not get away with it.

The law against sexual exploitation is clear.”

A lawyer for the site told The Huffington, in a statement, that it has taken the legal action in response to news reports about an alleged violation of the California law.

“We’re shocked and deeply concerned that a site that prides itself on promoting humor, free speech and tolerance for all forms of speech could use our clients’ image as a means of promoting its own content and making money,” the lawyer said.

The website also has posted videos and a website dedicated to promoting the site.