How to play football with Dibujo in the Super Bowl

Dibjoos team has been at the forefront of the AFC West for years, so the former Buffalo Bills linebacker’s versatility is evident on Sundays.

But his arrival in the San Francisco 49ers secondary has been a revelation, especially in the fourth quarter when San Francisco’s offense is trying to get off the field.

The 49ers allowed an average of 16.2 points per game last season and have struggled this season to find consistency on offense.

They were ranked 25th in the league in points allowed per game in 2016, which was the lowest mark in the AFC, and were ranked 20th in points scored per game.

This year, San Francisco has been able to consistently score on the ground, particularly on the first drive of the game.

This week, the 49ers went on a run that started with a sack by San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick and ended with Kaepernick’s touchdown pass to Dibjos for a 16-0 lead.

Dibjoos was a part of the Bills’ 2015 Super Bowl run, as he was named the Superbowl MVP in his rookie season and is in his fifth NFL season.

He started all 14 games and recorded 44 tackles, five interceptions and three forced fumbles.

His ability to play on the outside in coverage helped the Bills win Super Bowl XLVI.