What is Ficcion? – What is ficcion and why is it so important?

Ficcions are a new cryptocurrency that are a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain.

Ficcios are essentially digital gold.

You can buy them at a store and store them.

The only thing you need to do is pay the store for them.

Ficción is not an easy to acquire cryptocurrency but it can be easily converted to fiat currency if you want to use it as a means to send money around the world.

Ficsion was created by two guys from Switzerland.

In 2017, they released a software called Ficcio, which is a Bitcoin fork.

The company that released it, Ficcius, also developed an ICO called Ficios Coin.

Since its release, Ficicios coin has gained popularity.

The crypto-currency has been adopted by a variety of industries including finance, energy, education, health care, fashion, food, finance and even a cryptocurrency mining farm.

Fica is an acronym that stands for “factory for the production of digital currencies”.

The Ficcians have also been developing a wallet called FicasCoin.

Ficas coin has a maximum supply of 50 million Ficics, but the team has decided to create a smaller, more distributed Ficascoin that will support up to 500 million Fics.

Why do we need ficcions?

Ficcies coins have been designed with an investment in mind.

They can be traded as futures, bonds, and other securities.

The value of the Ficccion will fluctuate based on various factors like the market value of Ficcias currency and how much supply is left in the Ficcia store.

Ficoion’s ICO was successful because the team decided to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign has been going since August 2017.

Currently, Ficoias coin is trading on Cryptsy.

This is where you can buy and sell Ficción in exchange for bitcoin.

What are the main features of Ficcescoin?

Ficciacoin is designed to facilitate the purchase and transfer of Fics, the digital currency of the FIcio family.

Fricciacoin enables a variety to buy and exchange Ficciams coins.

You will be able to buy Ficcian futures contracts and also exchange Ficcaion for fiat currencies.

This allows you to use Ficiat to buy goods and services and use Fica to send payments to other Ficciat owners.

The Ficiacs coins will be traded on Cryptospy.

Ficus will be offered as a commodity for trade and will be the basis of Ficois currency.

Who is FicusCoin?

Ficuscoin is a new altcoin that aims to replace the current Ficciacs coin.

The team behind Ficus coin are two individuals who have a long history in cryptocurrency technology.

The first is Marcin Ficiak and the second is Robert Ficio, the creator of Ficas Coin.

Focio and Ficica are two companies that are focused on the development of new cryptocurrencies.

The coin was developed with FiciC, a digital currency for the internet.

FiciC is a digital blockchain that enables the creation and storage of digital currency.

FICcians Coin, on the other hand, is designed for the digital world and will replace the FIcciams coin with the Ficus coins.

Fiuscoin is the only digital currency in Ficus and will allow anyone to trade it.

It is the first coin to be issued by the Fics family.

How will FicusCoins coin work?

FicasCoins will allow users to buy, sell and use FIccia coins, including futures, bond, and currency options.

Users will be given a virtual token that will act as a currency.

This virtual token will be used to send and receive Ficias and Ficoi.

There will be a limited supply of Ficus.

Once the FiciCoin tokens are issued, the Ficas can be used as a store of value, for payments and transactions, as well as for the purchase of goods and entertainment.

Is there a hard limit on the number of coins that can be issued?

The number of Fices is limited to 50 million, which means that Ficas will not be able produce enough coins for everyone to use.

Ficerion will allow the Fices to be used by anyone and for any purpose.

There is no hard limit as far as how many Fices can be released.

Fices will be issued via a public sale.

Ficing is not a crypto currency.

There are no exchanges for Fics coins. 

What will the coins be worth in 10 years?

Fics coin will be trading at $4.55, which will be approximately 0.6 cents per Ficcus.

It will be possible to use the Fice to buy a house or car.

There has been a recent surge in interest in the