How to buy a luxury plane

An Italian blogger is looking for a new home after her old one was taken down. 

Her dream is to buy one of the world’s most expensive planes. 

Italian aviation magazine Avion recently reported that Avion was selling the Airbus A321-200 that she bought in 2015 for about €1.3 million. 

The aircraft, the largest commercial aircraft in the world, has a seating capacity of up to 2,000 and has a range of 1,000 nautical miles (1,500 km). 

Avion said the plane’s price is €1 million more than the price it was quoted last year. 

She plans to buy an Airbus A320-200 plane from a private operator, said Avion. 

“I want to pay as much as possible for this plane, and I will do it for the love of the skies,” Avion said in its report. 

Ms Laurentis is also looking for private ownership of her old Airbus A340-500, which is currently undergoing refurbishment. 

Avions website says the plane was bought in 2008. 

For her, it is a dream to own a plane like the A321.

“My dream is that one day I will have a nice aircraft like the Airbus.

I think I have it in me,” Ms Laureton told Italian radio station RAI. 

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