Why we love Argentina, and why we don’t

Vuelos is a term that has become synonymous with football in Argentina, as well as in Argentina.

There’s an Argentine version of the word ‘vuelo’ (which literally means ‘to kill’), but it also has an English counterpart, ‘vielo’.

Vuelo is a reference to the Argentinian football team, who have won three Copa Libertadores titles since the mid-1990s, and also the nickname of their coach, Jorge Valdano, who famously had a tattoo of the famous Argentine flag on his neck.

Vuelos are not just a reference, it’s also a feeling, a sense of pride and belonging.

Vueloso means ‘I am proud’, and this is something we can’t get enough of.

We are part of this football culture.

We love this country and we love our players.

When we play in front of them, it makes us feel more proud of what we do.

We have to keep it together.

When Vuelosi have lost games in their last five, they have done it with an energy that was contagious.

We see the players, we see the coach, we have the atmosphere, the energy.

They have the passion and passion.

They are playing for the nation and the national team.

They don’t want to lose, they want to win.

It’s not about the money, they don’t need the money.

They’re happy playing, they’re happy to win and win big.

That’s what makes the fans happy.

It doesn’t matter if they lose.

It has nothing to do with the money and everything to do to win, to win the big titles.

They just want to play.

And they love the game.

The fans of the San Lorenzo club, Barato, have been chanting for the team since the match against Espanyol last weekend.

They’ve been chanting Vuelotos since the first whistle.

Barato’s fans have been singing it all week.

Barato are in the Copa Sudamericana, a second tier competition between Argentina and Uruguay, but they lost to Espanyols in the semi-finals.

The team have been playing well all season, winning two league games and drawing two more, but it is Barato fans who are singing it.

After their 3-1 victory over Espanyoles, Baratos fans sang the anthem in the stadium for the first time since the tournament started.

It was a surreal moment, as the crowd chanted and cheered for their team, their coach and the team, in front the San Siro.

I was in awe.

It wasn’t just because we beat Espanyoli, but because we won, and it was a great feeling.

As the fans sang, the crowd also chanted the word “Vuelo” for the last time.

It means ‘We are proud’.

It means “You are a Vueloz.”

It means the national pride.

This is the national football team.

It represents the spirit and the energy of the people.

The passion and the spirit of the fans.

This club and this team represents that.

We play to win games and win the titles.

That is what we are about.

A moment of silence was observed for the victims of the shooting in the Barato stadium.

The people sang the words ‘Vueloz’.

It’s a very emotional moment, but I also want to share it with all my teammates.

I want to thank all of them for what they have accomplished, for what their achievements are and for all their sacrifices.

They give their best.

I know it’s a hard life, but you have to be strong and fight to continue to do well.

We want to continue.

We just want the best for the club and for the country.

It was a very good moment.

I think that’s why people are so emotional, because they want us to do better and show our best to show the people of Barato that we are a good team and a great club.

I am very happy that all the supporters and everyone who are with us are there, that we have this moment and that we can continue to work.

We’ll work hard to win titles, because we want to do it.

We know that we need to do our best.

We’re the best team in the world.

We will never let them down.

I’m very proud of our team and of our fans.

It will never be a problem for us.

We know that they will support us and that’s what we’re trying to do.

If we can win the title, then we can be proud of this club and of the supporters, because this is the pride of the country and the passion of the fan.

The fans want this, the fans love this.

We can never forget the sacrifice of the players and the coaches.

The sacrifices made by these people and their families.

We’ve worked