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In December 2015, the United States was struck by a severe snowstorm.

The National Weather Service predicted the snow would be a major problem.

The storm caused some minor flooding in some areas, and caused the death of two people who died in a car crash in the St. Louis suburb of Parkersburg.

In 2017, there was another snowstorm, this time in Florida, but it didn’t cause a major disaster.

The weather in the winter months was relatively mild.

As for the summer, it was milder.

This was because most of the U.S. had been under a mild winter, and the warm, dry weather that followed was an ideal environment for snow.

The result?


The best way to get a great look at how it looks is to head to the snow fields.

In some places, snow fields are a real possibility.

In the pictures below, a snowfield in the middle of the desert is located in the Mojave Desert.

It’s so small and close together that it’s almost like you can just barely make out the ground and the stars in the sky.

It can look like this: A few days before the storm, a field in the Colorado River basin was covered in snow.

This field was also the location of the infamous “Snowball Cloud” seen above in a photo posted by The Weather Channel’s Kevin Dukes in 2017.

The Snowball Cloud, or Snowball, is the result of an unusually large amount of rain falling on a very small area of land.

It usually occurs when a lot of snow falls on a small area.

However, this snowfield, and other similar snowfields, are common in areas of the United, including the United Kingdom, where snow can accumulate over several days.

Here’s a picture from the winter of 2019.

Snowfall on the Canadian side of the border was even more intense than the United states.

As a result, some areas in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait were blanketed in snow in the spring of 2020.

The resulting cloud was visible in some of the photos below.

The photo above is from the summer of 2018.

In 2018, snow covered the entire state of Texas.

This is the scene from an aerial view of the snowfield that was the scene of a car accident in the city of Brownsville, Texas.

The snowfield was also featured in the movie “The Snowman.”

The next photo shows a snow field in Arizona in October 2019.

In 2019, a storm in the Gulf of Mexico produced a lot more snow.

A large section of the storm hit the U to the west of New Orleans.

The city of Lake Charles was blanketed by a few feet of snow.

Another area of the Gulf was also hit by a big snowstorm that dumped more than six feet of rain on parts of Louisiana.

A huge snow field appeared in the desert in September 2019, near the town of La Plata, Texas, where some of this snow was gathered.

There was a big cloud that covered the city in a few days of heavy snowfall, and it was also visible in the pictures.

In October of 2020, snow fell on the outskirts of El Paso, Texas; a city of about 5,000 people, about 80 miles southwest of Austin.

It also covered parts of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, and covered parts a couple of hours south of Dallas.

There were many other snowstorms in the region that summer.

The image below is from a weather photo taken in August 2019.

This photo shows the area of El Rio Grande that was blanket by the heavy rain.

A few weeks later, a similar area of snow was recorded in northern Texas.

A similar snowfield appeared in January of 2020 on the other side of San Antonio.

This storm caused the snowstorm known as the Supercell, and was also photographed in this photo.

It was also in the same area of Texas in March of 2020 as well.

This snowfield is in El Paso’s town of Bandera.

In July of 2020 the region was blanket in snow again, but this time the amount was much less.

This time, about four inches of snow fell in Banderas area.

In December of 2020 a huge snowstorm hit northern Texas, causing major flooding and the death in a crash of two drivers.

The area was also blanketed with snow by a large storm in December of 2018, when a large amount fell in the Texas Panhandle.

The next day, another storm hit, causing the heaviest snowfall in years.

In April of 2020 in the southern part of Texas, the snow was so heavy that it caused a major accident that left one person dead.

A snow field is seen on the banks of the Trinity River in Texas in this May 7, 2020, file photo.

In May of 2020 near Banderes, Texas., the snowfall that fell was so bad that a tree fell on a driver and killed