How to build an interactive app for Relatos’ new Interrail train

A new interactive app lets passengers on trains in and out of Relatos, a Paris-based company that makes rail-transit systems, stay connected while on the journey.

The app, Relatos: The Journey, lets passengers know when their train is on its way, and when they should get off, as well as how long they will have to wait.

It is currently available for iOS, Android and Web, and will be made available for Android soon.

The app allows users to enter their train schedule and schedule the trains themselves, as if it were a map, and can also send messages to the train’s crew members to make sure they’re on the right track.

It has an easy-to-use interface that lets users zoom in on specific routes or routes that they want to see and can scroll through them in an intuitive way.

The service, which was launched last year, was designed to be accessible for people who have mobility problems.

Relatos launched Relatos to bring affordable, high-quality rail transportation to people with limited or no mobility, as a way to reduce travel times and ease overcrowding.

The company says it has partnered with several companies to develop the app, and has also worked with the French Railways to develop a smartphone app.

The Relatos app lets users enter their schedule and schedules the trains itself, as though it were an map, with a button on the top of the screen to zoom in and see specific routes, and the option to send messages that help the train and crew members navigate through the route.

Users can also click a button in the upper right corner to schedule the train, and then see when it’s coming, which lets them know when they’ll have to get off.

It can also show how long it will take the train to arrive at its destination.

The relatos app, which is available in French and English, will be available in France by the end of June, and in English by the beginning of July.