‘Aussie’ blogger has been booted off Facebook for posting about the death of her brother

An Australian blogger has found herself booted off her Facebook page after it was revealed she had written about the deaths of her older brother and sister.

News Corp Australia has launched an investigation into what it calls “an inappropriate and unprofessional conduct” by the blogger, who was named on social media as Bishun Wang, who wrote on Instagram that her brother died in 2009, and that she had been “very shocked and devastated” by his death.

The blogger, a 27-year-old Australian, has been removed from her Facebook account.

“It’s a very difficult time for me and my family, as my brother passed away a few years ago, and I’ve been very shocked and distraught by the death,” Ms Wang wrote.

Facebook says it “regrets” the comments and is working to ensure the situation is resolved. “

And I was shocked that my comments on that page were so negative.”

Facebook says it “regrets” the comments and is working to ensure the situation is resolved.

The company said it was investigating the matter and “will take appropriate action if we believe it to be a breach of our community standards”.

Ms Wang’s Facebook account was suspended after her posts on Instagram, which were removed a short time later, were posted on Tuesday.

Facebook says the posts were removed “in accordance with our Community Standards policy”, and it is working with her to resolve the issue.

Ms Wang said she was disappointed that her comments had been deleted and said she would not comment further until the investigation was complete.

She wrote that she was “sick and tired” of the negativity she felt online about her brother and that the Facebook ban was “disgusting”.

“It feels like this is the new normal in Australia,” she wrote.

Ms Zhang, who is also a writer and an artist, has written on her Instagram page about the family and her brother’s illness.

The posts included an image of the two of them holding hands and saying goodbye, which was posted with a caption that read: “We’re going to die together.”

Ms Wang was born in China and emigrated to Australia when she was five.

She grew up in Perth and had a long relationship with her father, a Chinese businessman who died in 2017.

Her sister, who lived in Brisbane, also emigrated from China.

Ms Wong said she had tried to contact Facebook for help, but that the company refused to give it to her.

“They don’t care about my family or my brother or my sister.

They only care about the ad they’ve paid for,” she said.

Ms Wu said she found out about the posts on Facebook through a friend and was “absolutely shocked” when she found her posts deleted.

She said she also received messages from people who had also seen her posts and felt “deeply sorry” for her brother.

It is an organisation that has taken its responsibilities very seriously.” “

Facebook is a global company.

It is an organisation that has taken its responsibilities very seriously.”

Facebook has said it “reached out” to Ms Wang, and it was working with the family to “address this issue”.

Facebook said the posts that were deleted were “a result of an incident where one of our moderation teams noticed inappropriate content on our community page and subsequently notified the family”.

“We took swift action to remove the posts,” Facebook said in a statement.

Ms Yang has written about her family’s illness before, but has rarely shared images of the death.

Ms Yao, the author of “The Longest Night”, also had a Facebook page and shared her family photos.

Her father died of cancer in 2016, and Ms Wang has written several books on the Chinese communist revolution.

Ms Chen, who runs a photography shop in Canberra, said the family had never had a problem before.

“This is the first time we’ve had a situation like this where we’ve lost a member of our family,” she added.

This has been the first thing.””

We’ve had so many different things happen over the years.

This has been the first thing.”