The first ever robot in the world to walk on land

The first robotic robot to walk over land is set to begin its maiden journey on Saturday, when the Avion will be launched from the Mojave Desert.

The robotic robot, called Avion, will be the first to be deployed on land in more than 100 years, after being developed by US-based robotics company Singularity University.

Its mission will be to explore the Mojavian landscape, which is home to more than 4 million acres of desert and sand.

It will be controlled by a virtual reality headset, and it will then make its way around the desert.

A robot called Avia, which can be controlled remotely, will follow in the footsteps of its pilot, who will have to be trained to fly and navigate the robot.

The unmanned Avion’s arrival comes amid an intense debate about artificial intelligence and the role of humans in the future of robotics.

The idea of robotics has been gaining momentum in recent years, and some believe it could be the next wave of technology.

But some experts warn that humans need to take some time to adapt to a new environment and the technology may not be ready to take over the job of driving robots.

“The robot will be an evolution, it will evolve along with the environment,” Singularity CEO and founder of the company Rob Pardew told CNN in an interview last year.

“I think there is a lot of excitement and interest in it right now, but it is not ready to be in the driver’s seat.”

If it is, we are looking at a decade or more away.

“Read moreSingularity has already developed a fleet of vehicles to help people around the world who need to access healthcare or other vital services.

It has also invested in the development of the “robotic city” – a plan to connect every city in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe.

In the near future, the company aims to release an “Avion 2” – this time to help the public to help it build the first robot.

But it is a long way from being ready to begin exploring the desert for the first time, and the pilot Avion may be a step too far.”

When you do an autonomous mission, it is going to be a challenge because the software you have to develop to be able to move on land is not very easy to deploy,” said Singularity’s Pardews.”

But if you want to go out and explore the desert, the Avions are a pretty safe bet.

“A team of experts, led by Singularity co-founder and CEO Rob Pardo, is currently studying the robot to ensure it is safe for human pilots to take control.

Singularity University’s Pardo has said the robot could be used for a variety of roles, from healthcare workers to soldiers.