When the trains stop for drinks

Now that New York City has finally stopped running its subways, you can’t blame them for starting the week off with a new batch of cocktails.

But you can also blame them not having time to plan for a new year.

The first year of the subway is the hardest one you’ll ever have.

So we figured we’d take a look at some of the most iconic New Yorkers’ most popular cocktails and why they might have to change.

In the first of three parts, we’ll take a nostalgic look at a few of the city’s best cocktail recipes, including the infamous Mule, the signature drink of a city that is forever changing. 

The Mule In its original incarnation, the Mule was originally a cocktail made with gin and rum, served in an open-top iced coffee mug.

The original recipe for the drink, first published in 1871 in The New York Herald Tribune, read, “Take a half of a good brandy, and add one half of the sugar, and one half, half of that of water.”

In the 1870s, the drink was used as a bar mixer to mix drinks between a drink and the person who was pouring it.

It was popularized in the late 1890s by Charles F. Boulton, a bartender who would later work with the likes of Tom Thumb, the future Jackie Gleason and James Brown.

A bartender at the famous Mule bar in Brooklyn named Harry Brown used the recipe to create the iconic Mule cocktail.

The drink has since become so popular that it’s become a regular on New York subway trains.

The first drinks on the subway were often inspired by the history of New York.

After a certain date, when trains would leave the station and enter the new subway station, the station would be filled with people wearing mules.

As the trains came in, the riders would stand around the station waiting for their next train.

When the next train arrived, the passengers would start drinking their drinks.

After that, the drinks would start disappearing and the mules would be forgotten.

But in some areas, like the Bronx, the mule cocktail was still a fixture.

So when the subway was built, it created a new cocktail tradition.

The Mule has become a favorite drink on subway trains all over the city.

In Brooklyn, it was known as the “basket of iced teas” (in honor of the New York Daily News) and a “beverage-and-bobble” drink (in reference to the Muppet character Barney).

When it first started, the cocktail wasn’t very popular.

But as it became more popular, more and more people began drinking it.

The cocktail is popular with all ages.

As a result, in the 1940s and 1950s, more than two dozen mules were installed on the trains.

It took a while for the subway to catch on, but it eventually became a fixture on the city subway system.

And today, it’s one of the few drinks that can be found on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The Brooklyn Mule Mule cocktails are a little more complicated.

First, there are three types of drinks: A drink made with a cocktail glass or pitcher.

A cocktail made from ice and soda water, depending on the season.

An iced drink made from iced tea, soda water or champagne.

If you’re in the Bronx and want to find out which type of drink you’re supposed to drink on the new New York subways train, check out our Guide to the Bronx’s Newest Bars.

But the best part about the drink is that the drinks are all made at the same time.

The bartender makes the drink and puts it on a coaster.

Then, after the drinks have been poured, they’re taken off the coaster and placed in a glass iced cocktail pitcher.

This way, there’s always something on the coaster, and the drinks all sit on top of each other as the bartender fills the pitcher.

But it’s not just the drinks that have to stay cool.

The bartenders have to keep the drinks on ice.

Once they’re cold, the ice gets frozen and stored away in the ice machine.

The drinks are then placed in ice packs and brought to the bartender.

After the drinks arrive at the bartender, they get shaken and poured.

The ice gets mixed with the water to create a drink.

The result is a drink that’s both hot and cold.

And you can even take the drinks to the subway station and drink them as well.

The Bronx’s Mule on the turnpike is a classic.

But if you’re looking for something more exciting, try a cocktail that uses frozen iced iced water and ice.

This drink is even more impressive, as the drink has been frozen in place for more than 100 years.

One of the biggest changes to the drink over the years has been the